The project aims to explain the cause of the syndrome, to raise awareness through its artistic/documentary approach and to convey hope. 
It is carried out in collaboration with the association "Survivre à L'Insécurité".
The general cause of the syndrome seems to be THE LACK. Very often, the development of the syndrome is linked to a neglect, a social depreciation, a devaluation of oneself at work for example.
In my opinion, the beauty lies in the relationship that emerges between the Diogenes and the OBJECT. According to Pierre Ludosky, president of the association, objects do not betray, they do not lie. Objects fill in this affection they (Diogenes) don't feel from human beings. 
Hope lies in TRUST, in oneself and in others. The photography making process can be used by the Diogenes to express themselves and to be better understood by the society.

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