In late 2021, I went to Konotop, a town in the Soumy region. 
Invited by a friend photographer I met in Kyiv, we spent a day and a half walking through the streets of Konotop in the mist and cold. 
In the evening, we drank hot chocolate in the street. During the day, we ate only sausages and tomato pasta, photography was more important. 

His words about Konotop : "Konotop is a city in eastern Ukraine. A small provincial town with a long history, but, unfortunately, it is not going through the best of times now. There is a gradual outflow of young people to more promising cities. It has its own atmosphere of a post-industrial city, which is dragged into a time barrier. The company of people with cameras causes surprise and misunderstanding among people. What do they need? Why photograph it? Not everyone can understand the uniqueness of this city. It lies between time and space, gradually disappearing."
Konotop means a "horse sinking".
"According to folk tales, during the passage of the Tatar cavalry, many horses and riders died in impassable swamps in these places, which is why the area came to be called Konotop - a swampy place or a horse ford where horses drowned." - Vova.

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