In cinema, the editing uses the so-called Kuleshov effect -- the emergence of a new meaning from the comparison of two frames. The frame placed next to is able to completely change the content of the previous one.
Maybe, something similar happens in the process of comparing our personal life experiences? We are able to re-evaluate events that have happened to us in the past, depending on how we perceive our present.
By comparing pictures from different countries, physicality with inanimate objects, Eros and Thanatos, we continue the game of light and darkness, exactly what happens in black and white photography. And the most interesting, of course, hidden in halftones.
But it is important to remember that the method of comparison will be fruitful if you compare only those phenomena between which there is a certain objective commonality and the comparison should be made on the most important, the most significant features.
Text by @lina.romanukha
December 30th, 2021
10 posters glued thanks to @ukrgatikula on the front of Zhytniy Rynok
Shot by @fabiengrt  and edited by me.
Music: UR -  Electronic Warfare ( The Mixes 1996 )
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