Born in 1998, Dimitri Lanctuit studied analogue photography as an autodidact. He organized his first solo exhibition entitled EX-AEQUO in January 2022, in Kyiv.
Through his photographs, conceived as true urban portraits, he captures the momentum of bodies, the depth of gazes and the detail of landscapes that constitute these "non-decisive moments" of existence. The mystery and transience of beings are captured by the artist as elements that make up his subjective vision of reality.
These memory-images are constructed according to the places and faces he discovers; through a reflective and meditative photography, he develops a permeable dialogue with the subject photographed. 
His plural approach - aesthetic and documentary - reveals a poetic atmosphere: the lens tightens on the faces and tends to capture, in movement, the presence of objects and beings that embody the multiple aspects of the city (Should we cultivate our past?, 2021). 
The photographer also aims to deliver a sensory message by capturing the materials and climatic variations that constitute the plastic temporality of reality (Kinburn, 2020). Through the use of a varied chromatic spectrum - black and white, acid or sweet colors - he spreads a raw and tangible reality. 
This acidic, almost baroque realism is also found in the fashion photographs he makes for agencies (Back to the city, 2021). These images capture the quasi-sculptural movements of the models as well as the looks that determine the visual power of the composition.
Coincidence, which guides his artistic approach, is particularly apparent in his use of diptychs, which are made up of different images that he captures throughout the year. These multiple combinations of images, made after the shot, are the result of a work around the detail: to observe the multiple similarities which unite the photographs between them. 
Dimitri Lanctuit wishes to promote his work through exhibition projects and remains open to collaboration in photo/video.​​​​​​​
By Elisa Snoussi.
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