Born in 1998, I studied photography as an autodidact. I organized my first solo exhibition entitled EX-AEQUO in January 2022, in Kyiv.
Before 2020, I was studying economics and international relations. I was (and still am) very interested in anthropological issues, which are intertwined and help us to interpret our world.
I arrived in Ukraine for the first time in September 2020, in Kyiv. At first I left to join my ex-girlfriend, but I quickly built up a local network of strong relationships that led me towards photography.
The atmospheres, the desaturated colors, the monochrome, the stories and the faces of Ukraine were my first real photographs, where I realized my interest and ability to write in images.
I put my friends in urban contexts, taking care to ensure the sincerity of my documentary approach.
From 2020 to 2022, I travelled back and forth between Paris and Kyiv, meeting new people and learning from their experiences.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
I returned to Kyiv for the first time in two years in January 2024. This time alone…It was a very symbolic and meaningful journey to me.

Photo by Roxane Sauvage


Prix Maison Blanche - Screening of Amitiés de Kyiv @ Prix Maison Blanche 2024 - October 2024, Marseille
Nikon Plaza - Portfolio Review and Exhibition - September 2024, Paris

Exhibitions :

- OFF Arles - Screening of Amitiés de Kyiv @ Prix Révélation Saif x La Kabine - July 2024, Arles
-Screening at the Catchlight Visual Storytelling Summit 2024 - 27/04 - San Francisco, US
- Screening of the film HAPPY ALL THE TIME (Co-direction) - December 2023, Paris
- Screening of 40 images from the series HORIZONS - NIGHT OF JOURNALISM - November 2023, Paris
- Collective exhibition - @willystudioparis - November 2023, Paris
-Exhibition at ENS - April 2023, Paris
-Walls II - April 2023, Paris
-Film screening Allô (assistant director, image / production) - January 2023, Paris
-Group exhibition - Art Ukraine - September 2022, Basel
-Ex-Aequo - Solo Exhibition - 10-22 January 2022, Kyiv
-Walls - 2021/2022, Kyiv
-Wild exhibition - 10 images - December 2021, Kyiv
-Hanging at the opening of an exhibition at Variation Gallery - October 2021, Paris
-Co-direction of "Everything Crash" / Short film - June 2021, Paris

Publications :

- Polka Magazine (web format) - October 2023
- Foudre Magazine - September 2022
- Fisheye - coups de coeur #376 - February 2022
-OnlyChild Mag Issue #7 - October 2020
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